Saturday, October 4, 2014

Random September Events

Once again, I'm behind on my posts and want to get us caught up.  Things got crazy once mommy went back to work and Evan started pre-school.  But all in all, September was a great month.  Alice kept improving her walking and climbing skills and kept interfering with Evan's play plans.  Weekends were filled with soccer games, local festivals, bike rides, and lots of time outside.  We know it will be cold soon so we aren't taking the warmer weather for granted.  

Labor day weekend bike ride to the beach.  For some reason, we didn't pack swimsuits for the kids.  We were thinking more bike ride & dinner at the beach, and they were thinking more swimming. Let's just say it was a sandy wet ride home.

Sharing a morning snack in the back yard.

Alice loves bubbles.  It' was one of her first consistent words.  I'm not sure she can handle all three of these Fubbles tubes though.

A satisfied customer after a bike ride. 

Getting excited for another ride.  When we're playing outside, she will frequently try to find her helmet or goes to my bike (where her seat is) and shakes it and points, trying to go for a ride.

This was at Evan's soccer.  Evan had ridden his tricycle to the park for soccer and Alice took the opportunity, while Evan was busy, to take a ride.

More labor day fun.  Her clothes were such a mess from sidewalk paint, that I just took them off.  She clearly didn't mind.

The end of summer

It was so great to be home so much this summer and I'm already looking forward to the time off next summer.  We packed in a lot in August and I tried to capture some shots from most of it here.  Alice started walking independently, and once she started, she didn't stop.  The girl literally doesn't stop moving all day.  Exhausting, but very fun.  And since she's faster, Evan is sometimes more frustrated by how quick she can destroy something of his, but he's learning to deal.  Here's what we were up to in August 2014.
We checked out the new playground at Wabun picnic area the day after it opened.  By far the best park in town.  Both kids loved it.  Alice was almost walking here.

Alice really wanted to climb on these ropes, and Evan was totally encouraging her to. 

One of the toys both kids could ride on together.  Evan's only wish was that it would spin faster.

A weekend trip to the beach at Nokomis.  Sandy goldfish, yum!

Alice started doing things like this.  I also found her standing on the chairs, and on the kids table on more than 1 occasion.  No one will be surprised if she ends up at the ER before her 2nd birthday.

We hosted a national night out event for our neighborhood - Evan and Alice were warming up before the other kids arrived.

We took a trip to the Wisconsin Dells for a few days with the kids and they loved it!  We visited a train park of sorts and got to ride a little train. Of course Evan was in heaven.

This was the only picture I took at the water parks.  Difficult to have your camera out and be chasing 2 kids around the pools.  Both kids loved it.  Evan even went down some water slides with us.  The "Gentle Giant" was his favorite.  He also came home with at least 3 bumps on his head and several others on other parts of his body.  Nice.

After the Dells, I took the kids to the zoo with a few friends.  It was the last day that  Alice needed any help walking.

This is Evan's happy face.  What it doesn't show, is that he was very sad when the wagon ride to the farm was pulled by horses.  We waited for the next wagon which of course was pulled by a John Deere tractor.  Hence, the face.

Evan got to "ride" a John Deere at the farm too.  Pretty sure he held up the line of kids waiting to sit on it.

This was one of those days, when I was trying to cook, and the kids wanted to be near me, so they cleared out the entire cabinet, playing with all of the baking supplies.  Since I never clean them out, I took this opportunity to get out the vacuum and really clean out that cabinet.

Alice fit into Evan's Packer's PJs for pre-season.

Evan came up with this on his own.  He staged a station where he would pick up Alice and then drive her around the drive way.  It was awesome.

My helpers. 

We made it to the State Fair - the day they broke attendance records.  But we were early enough to get free street parking and we left by 1, so we beat the crowds.  We also forgot to bring shoes for our little walker.  Smooth move.  Thank goodness Grandma and Grandpa were visiting and could bring us some:)

This guy took a leap and rode the sky ride.  Loved it. Just wanted the ride to be longer.

Evan checking out some live music on one of the new stages while Alice napped in the stroller. 

The service station near our house is remodeling and Evan was obsessed with the John Deere excavator they had.  We had to take regular outings with his digger to visit and see the progress.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Summer recap 2.0

So, there were too many pictures for one post.  So here is what we were up to in July.
These two just keep playing together more and more each day.  Here Evan's giving Alice a shot.  I think there may be some hidden meaning there...

We traveled to Nebraska and spent a day at the Omaha Zoo with Grandpa and Grandma S.  Both kids loved it.

Alice was staring longingly at Evan and Sophie in the pool on the deck at Grandpa and Grandma's.

Having a little ice cream cone at Grandma and Grandpa's

Evan and Sophie tearing up the driveway

This girl has mad ball skills,

but loves her baby too

Evan is always working on some project with his trucks.  Leaf clean up here.

Waiting to ride the Lake Harriet streetcar

So happy on the train, but so sad when it was over.  The 15 minute ride wasn't long enough for him

Alice converts her walker into a baby stroller - that poor baby

Alice then decides to sit in the walker. 

Evan and his buddy making the most of the driveway - a chalk city, bridges, cars, trucks,....

I'm not even sure what is going on here but it is representative of their relationship

Alice loves playing with her booster seat.  Here she's so proud because she got in and put the tray on by herself.

Alice went through a phase where she put her foot on the table or tray while eating.  Lovely.

We were in Portland Oregon for a few days to visit Aunt Toby.  Here Alice is walking with Grandpa Jay on the beach.

Evan loved the ocean, as you can imagine.

This was before take off on the way home.Too bad his sister didn't follow suit.

Evan and mommy checked out the Thomas exhibit at the Children's museum, sans Alice.  It was a great day.  Meeting Victor...

Petting a turtle,

And being a turtle.  A great day in all.